Bush Did It, Its Bush's Fault

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So, if it is all Bush's fault, he got us into this mess, says congress, the senators, even the current president...then, what the heck are these people getting paychecks for? If they had no power, no say in the decisions made, and at today's costs of maintaining this government with the plight of our country's financial status--wouldn't it be smart to let them all go, and say we are a dictatorship or a kingdom?

By many in this administrations statements, they had nothing to do with getting our country into the shape it is in, they made no decisions to bring us into a war, keeping us in a war, letting our country be over run by illegals who are taxing our financial status, they had nothing to do with the housing bubble, Barney Frank was telling the truth when he swore at the people who said there was something wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Nancy Pelosi was telling the truth when she said we didn't need to look into Social Security, it was sound, Bush must have set it up, too so we would have to pay over 54 million dollars to bail out Greece...not the puppet heads who are 'in power now.'


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