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>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was at the Ft. Lauderdale event early today and when I arrived, nearly 45 minutes before the scheduled start, there were already hundreds of people there. It was incredibly energizing! Shuttle buses were provided, so parking was not an issue. When we arrived, we saw two media vehicles.

At an event this size, we thought surely there would be far more media exposure, but we were dead wrong.

Police presence was, frankly, a bit of an overkill, and I've never seen a group of policemen look more bored!

I have to say it warmed my heart more than anything to see not only middle-aged, 30 and 40 something adults attending, like myself and my husband; we saw many elderly people and many young people there. There were Conservatives, Libertarians, Democrats and Republicans: it was an INCLUSIVE AMERICAN event!

We left around 7 p.m., so they still had an hour to go. There was NO litter that I saw while we were there. The speakers at the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party were ordinary citizens. No keynote speakers.

As for Moms 4 Sarah Palin, I'm just a mom who's concerned about her child's future and the future of the American economy.

This event was not about Fox News, it was not about what party you belong to...it was about every single individual who attended. This event was about making our ELECTED officials begin to listen to ALL of their constituents.

Today was about the anger many Americans are now feeling toward our leaders, and the resistance to our elected representatives for passing these enormous spending bills against the will of the people. They WILL pay in the next election, so they would do well to pay attention.

I was Moved this Week

As I prepared my daughter for the upcoming Tea Party. We read about the history that led up to the Boston Tea Party and the history that followed. Our forefathers fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy and in just three short months our President has begun openly trying to destroy capitalism.

It's a scary thing, and anyone who thinks it isn't, is just naive.

What were your favorite signs?

Mine was my favorite as far as funny signs go: "I spent my middle tax pay cut to pay for this poster"! :-) As for others, there were so many that it's hard to pick a favorite. I think in terms of KINDS of signs, the home-made ones spoke to me more. It said someone took time out of their busy schedule to make a poster/sign/banner. I saw one group of elderly folks sitting (pic on my blog) and their banner said "Let US be very clear." Probably my favorite though were the "Don't tread on me" posters/flags. That says a lot.

About Tami Nantz: I'm a Christian Conservative stay at home wife and mommy. My background actually is that I am a hair designer...:-) Started staying home when my daughter was born and grew to love writing. So, that is what I do now. I attended because I am FED UP...for all the reasons I mentioned above. I blog about it frequently. I started becoming VERY active in politics when Sarah Palin came on the scene and the mainstream media treated her so horribly. I seem to be reaching people, motivating them to get informed and involved, so I continue. :-)

All Images Courtesy Tami Nantz

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Anonymous,  April 23, 2009 at 12:34 PM  

washington is out of control. they have ignored us for twenty plus years. cut $1,000,000. we need another tea party soon.

Anonymous,  May 2, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

Hi to Anonymous above,

There was a tea party in St. Paul today. There are more planned for the fourth of July, too. Know for sure in Jacksonville, Florida. Not sure of where else.

Keep checking back on this blog, there will be schedules and places posted.

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