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>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freedom not Freebies

Dan Young shares his experience of the Sacramento Tea Party:

People are good-hearted, most of them, and the one's who were there today were a good group of people. Real nice crowd and it was a huge crowd. There weren't any crazy people at the Tea Party. I have been to a lot of protest rallies in the 60s--there were no leftist protests here today--no burning the flag in effigy, no trash tossed around, either. You always see a lot of that kind of stuff at the other protests.

A few years ago there was an anti-tax thing--protest in California that did no good, but you see that kind of stuff--even at that one. Lots of garbage and crazies. Here, at the state capital protest, there was no one leaving signs or trash behind. There were all sorts of emergency vehicles and stuff, one street was blocked off--and there were no anti-tea party protesters at all.

Fox News was there. I could actually see better what was going on after I got home and turned on Fox News. Besides them, I only saw one media outlet, Channel 1380 AM--a local radio station here in Sacramento.

I didn't see any other stations, but there were also many, many people around the sides of the capital building-- and LOTS of people streaming in. So, maybe there was more and I just didn't see them.

I went to see what the energy was like and I felt like, you know, I think everyone needs to participate in things like this. So we can pay attention to The Constitution in matters like this. Our kids are going to suffer if we don't get a handle on this.

California is already down the toilet--our sales tax is now the highest in the nation. They made a big deal out of Schwarzenegger lowering the car tax registration fees. Now, our car tax is already raising, and just looking at the car dealers, how are they supposed to sell cars? Maybe they [government] will subsidize them. Then, tax the hell out of them and drive business out of California.

Then, talk down to the business people, the ones who are out producing jobs for people. Just like they already did in San Francisco.

We live in interesting times. Everyone who works with us knows about this issue in my company. I keep the radio on, they get to hear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and people like that. I have a couple of young kids at work who go to college and they don't know any history at all or have any knowledge of government. It's like they are programmed to be liberals from going to school. That's what the system does for our kids.

Every age group attended the Tea Party and people brought their little kids, too. There were all races--Sacramento is known as the melting pot of our state. I saw a lot more Hispanics than expected and less black people than I had hoped to see.

I'm pumped, I'm feeling like we are going to find out
where the leverage points are to put out money into, so we can get this thing going. And, McClintock is excellent, he is a good politician here in our area. Now, he would have gotten a handle on this years ago had we gotten him in for governor and we wouldn't be going through this now in California.

This is what we need, more people like McClintock, who will stand up to the machines. The Sacramento Bee and the worker's union--SEIO--are extremely powerful. Almost all of the major newspapers are part of the liberal machine, then there's the public schools and then we can talk about the colleges...they have it all sewed up.

In contrast, we have these people coming out here today, pushing for The Constitution--it is good to see. They say, hey, it is just immoral to violate The Constitution, immoral to give something for nothing. There is nothing free--and 'free' doesn't trump The Constitution.

Dan Young has owned a carpet cleaning business for 31 years with two full time, one part-time person who is out with an injury, and two part time people. He is 60 years old and lives in Sacramento, Calif.

The image of Dan Young was taken by Dawn Bonner, the four images from the Sacramento Tea Party courtesy of Political Pit Stop Blog.

Dawn Bonner, Editor in Chief

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