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>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Wondering...

When President Obama instructed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to examine
the Arizona Illegal Alien Bill[1] to see if it violates people's civil rights,
whose rights he is concerned about?

Is it mine, yours, our neighbors, citizens of the United States? Or, is
the DOJ only looking out for the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens?

Just Wondering...

Why the media and democrats published how many of our young were killed in Iraq each day along with their outrage about it, but now that is not news...
AND, where is the outrage over more citizens of the United States have died at the hand of illegals’ [2] than the Iraq War and 911?
And why, these very same people are upset that a policeman would ask someone who has a foreign accent or cannot speaka da Enga-lish to produce an ID/documentation?
Their reason? They say it is because it is a violation of civil rights; again whose civil rights are they protecting? Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were as concerned about American citizens civil rights as they are about illegal aliens?
Beautiful Eldrick Smith is only one of the casualties of illegal immigration.
Read more about Eldrick at Angry White Dude
Just Wondering...  

When our country is broke, why our law makers are still pushing for amnesty even though it will cost us billions of dollars, according to a published report featured in The Washington Post (the report was way back in 2004--when there were millions fewer illegal aliens residing in our country)? [7]

Just Wondering...

Why we are expected to foot the bill financially and emotionally for drug trafficking, kidnapping, our hospitals going under [8] due to the ERs being used as a health clinic [9] without being paid, traffic violations because people cannot read signs, insurance rates going up because of accidents caused by unlicensed illegal alien drivers who have no insurance who cannot read these traffic signs [10]?
Whose civil rights are being trampled on here?

Anthony Coulson of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says about $2 million of drug money passes from Arizona into Mexico each day, one of several indicators that illegal drug trafficking is flourishing.

Just Wondering... 

Why we are to be understanding of the laws being broken by our government protecting an epidemic of our social security numbers and identities being stolen by guess who?  

Just Wondering...

Why the media calls it police ‘interference’ when there is an illegal alien involved in a crime, but those who are having their property or person violated call it police ‘intervention?’  

Just Wondering...

Why we were told we had hundreds of miles of fence completed using the plans we voted on (you remember, the fence which would not allow anyone to enter our border illegally), then told we were told we could not continue to build the fence that was voted in by American’s because there was not enough money?

Yet, we have enough money for two stimulus acts, cash for clunkers, and can print money right and left, are redoing little airports with stimulus money where the law makers live at the cost of millions...there is soooo much more.

Just getting started, this is the tip of the iceberg...

Just Wondering...  

Why would the Republicans suffer from the illegal alien bill that was passed in Arizona?
What have they done to protect our borders that Democrats haven't done?
Just Wondering...  

Why are our young men and women overseas fighting to protect innocent people from oppressive regimes, yet people United States of America are being murdered, raped, kidnapped, tortured, having our children be turned into mules--yet, our government will not, absolutely will not protect us from the pillage done to us and our country by illegal aliens? Not only will they not protect us, they are doing everything in their [limited [11] (tongue in cheek)] power to overrule the states authority on protecting American's from the assaults of illegal aliens.

Just Wondering...  

Why our unemployment rates are skyrocketing and we are in a severe recession, yet we are still processing up to 120,000 new citizens a month?
How are these new citizens supposed to support themselves? How many Americans are expected to step down from their job so a newly naturalized citizen and an illegal alien can work?
Why is our government not even taking its own committee advice by The Commission on Immigration Reform (CIR) [12], which was formed by Congress in 1990, in placing a moratorium on naturalizing foreigners? Roy Beck’s speech [13] shares the statistics from the CIR's findings.

Just Wondering...  

About our homeless American citizens [14] and where their civil rights are when it comes to taking illegal aliens out of jail and putting up criminals in hotels and nursing homes by Janet Napolitano [15], Secretary of Homeland Security, yet American citizens are living on a sidewalk?
The same Napolitano who says illegal aliens in jail are harmless and wants to put them in nursing homes and hotel rooms is the one who is afraid of people who go to Tea Party Rallies—to her they are the terrorists in our country. Hmmm…gives one pause, doesn’t it? Especially in light of these statistics:
According to the US Department of Homeland Security, around 380,000 illegals are detained every year with the Border Patrol figuring that they catch only one tenth of all illegals in the country. 

Of the 380,000 known illegals, 51% or 193,800 are hard criminals with 11% of those, or 21,318 as violent criminals.
Anne Babe Huggett in an article in Red County says multiply each number by 10 to get a truer picture of what illegals are doing to the citizens and legal residents of this country and a far more dangerous picture emerges.  

Just Wondering...  

Why a person who was accepted as a citizen of the United States of America is told upon their acceptance to the US if they bounce three checks in their lifetime, they can be deported and lose their citizenship. Yet, our jails are overflowing with illegal aliens and Napolitano wants to remove the illegals from jails and put them up in hotels [16] instead of deporting the illegal aliens?
Does she think they need a vacation? 

Just Wondering...  

Why it is racist to disapprove of illegal aliens murdering 12 Americans per/day [17]; but, people who join together at Tea Parties are called terrorists, unpatriotic, and trouble makers who are inciting violence, according to Napolitano, Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama? 

Especially since, more American's are killed in the United States than in Iraq and 911 [18] added together, the statistics are gathered from a study posted in World Net Daily.
Guess the consoling can come from our caring lawmakers, concerned for our safety, taking Toyota to task and raking Toyota over the coals. That showed us their concern. But, seriously, keep wondering, where is our protection by our lawmakers upholding laws[19] they made?
Where is the lawmakers' outrage about the deaths of thousands of Americans in our home country by illegal aliens? [20] who choose to drink and drive, kill our children, kidnap our people... 

Just Wondering...

Why, this excerpt pulled from Associated Press [21]:
Obama said, "We've got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there." Earlier this month, Obama drew criticism when he said he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists even without local permission, if warranted, (YouTube Video of Obama sound bite [22]), but…
he is looking into the civil rights of illegal aliens, even though 13 to 25 American citizens or more are being killed daily by people living here illegally [23] who chose to drink and drive, and our police are being slaughtered by illegal aliens [24], too.

Whose civil rights are being violated with 25 American’s dead (13+12=25) every day at the hands and choices of illegal aliens?
Just Wondering...  

Why my son couldn’t afford to move to my state to go to college because the cost of being an out of state student was exorbitant, yet illegal aliens go to that college for free? And, also wonder why, at this very same college, why there were 30 different scholarships for people of foreign heritage (who didn't need social security numbers according to the scholarship forms), yet there were no scholarships available for my white American/Irish/English/German son?
In a report created by Virginia Deane Abernethy, Ph.D. and Chairman of the Population-Environment Balance of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine:
Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis - Real Numbers Much Higher, she cites 7.2 million aliens enter illegally each year and the Census Bureau is a willing participant to misinforming the public on the state of the nation.
Just Wondering...  

Why would John McCain be qualified to be a lawmaker for the United States of AMERICA when according to ABC News, Phoenix is the number one kidnapping city in the world [27]?  

You would think that would be from a third world country…not here. And, do we want that for our whole country, one wonders?
Just Wondering...  

When John McCain blames the illegal immigration problem on the federal government [28] not doing anything, does he realize he is part of that government system?
Just Wondering...  

If Obama will find United States citizens rights are being violated when a newly arrived illegal alien says they have culture shock and are given $1700 a month in social security disability payments [3], along with health benefits, and food stamps (shared by an employee who works for a non-profit agency in Minnesota)?
This same employee also said their company by-laws are not to assist illegal aliens with financial assistance, but they are strongly encouraged to ignore these rules and help pick up the illegal aliens bill for electricity and rent. And, will lose their jobs when an illegal gives them three fake IDs and says, choose which one you want to use.
Illegal Aliens Eligible for Social Security Benefits [6]is an article published by Fox News which show how the government is skewering the system to in order to allow this. We are constantly being told by our politicians this is not happening.
Just Wondering...  

How much money we pay to the small jails as a nation for housing illegal aliens, let alone the prison system?
According to the Napa Valley Register in Calif., their little jail gets reimbursed for some of their fees in housing illegals [29]: in 2009 they were reimbursed $456,000 and in 2008 it was $458,000. This does not account for all of the illegal aliens they arrest. 

Records from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) [30], it is estimated 5.8 billion for calendar years 2001 through 2004 was the cost of housing illegals in an article by

Kind of explains why Napolitano wants to stop reimbursing the jails, doesn’t it?
Just Wondering...  

Why illegal aliens are ‘entitled’ to welfare and it is deemed our (American Citizens) responsibility to pay for this? How about the politicians, who believe this and back-peddle on the laws, how about we deduct the bill from their pay?
According to FAIR, illegal alien use of welfare programs is 43 percent higher than non-immigrants' use. [31]  

Just Wondering...   

Why it is such of a pain in the arse to fly? Why my constitutional rights are violated by searching me for no reason, whatsoever, by my actions?
Yet, we let, according to Time Magazine 4000 illegal aliens walk across just the Mexico/ Arizona border each day [32] (published in 2004 [33] This was published before the fence left a hole and the entry point in Arizona rose drastically). Why do our law makers refuse to follow the law and close the borders?
And, again, there is much ado about the worry of a civil rights violation in asking someone for their ID if they have an accent?! Hmm…
Just Wondering...   

Why my 15 year old cannot get a job, like we did as teens, in order to learn responsibility, self-pride, the value of money, and be able to save for his goals—instead we are giving up these jobs to illegal aliens how this benefits my child when he expects someone else to supply for him?
Much of the unemployment of United States citizens would be remedied by our laws being upheld as far as illegal aliens holding US jobs, as shared in the New York Times, who published an article in 2006, Illegal Workers Supplant U.S. Ones, Report by Julia Preston. [34] Illegal aliens are not just doing jobs ‘Americans’ don’t want to do; they are grossly affecting teens, college graduates and workers in every field.
Back to the jail thing again; in case you are thinking, well, at least if they are in jail, we can get some of our jobs back…well, think again.
Let me think here, we are paying for illegal aliens to be in jail AND they are taking money away from American workers who are unemployed and then, sending this money back to their families in foreign smart are our law makers, anyway? 

For that matter, how smart are we for electing these people and keeping them in power?
Just Wondering...

Why the only ones expected to hold the law are the employers, who are expected to dig deep into their pockets and pay fines for employing the illegals who choose to work instead of collecting welfare? Welfare okay, work--no no. Why are employers the only ones held responsible to check documentation?
Just Wondering...  

Why Nancy Pelosi calls immigration policies and enforcement ‘un-American,’ [36](in Spanish and English) yet, in the state she governs, California, homelessness is at an all time high, [37] is that American?
Just Wondering...  

Why San Francisco is a Sanctuary City [39](protecting illegal aliens), but San Francisco is proposing laws[40]against the homeless [41] American citizens in San Francisco, instead of extending their unconditional hospitality to homeless US citizens?
Just Wondering...  

Am I crazy for not understanding San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome’s statement, “The sanctuary ordinance as originally conceived and adopted was designed to protect all residents of our city, not as a shield for felons and criminal behavior," what the word illegal means to him and why then, he does not protect and defend the homeless in his city?
Just Wondering...  

Why the molestation of our children by illegal aliens is not being reported?|
Why the anger at Toyota, but the statistics reported by Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta [43] estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four [44] victims each is ignored?
Where is the outrage by congress here?
God forbid, do we have to wait until one of the law makers’ children or grandchildren is raped and/or killed by an illegal alien before our immigration laws are upheld by the government?
Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta analyzed 1,500 cases from January 1999 through April 2006 that included serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides, and child molestation committed by illegal immigrants.
Just Wondering...  

In light of the facts, figures, statistics, damage caused to illegal aliens, to our country, and to US citizens, why illegal aliens are still shown as sympathetic, harmless, kind, caring individuals by Hollywood, Pelosi, Newsome, McCain, most of our politicians, and the media?
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