Divide and Conquer: That's How World Government Wins

>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

Children know how to divide parents. It's a beautiful plan.

Who's to blame for the chaos the US is in? It depends on who you talk to:

  • It's Rush Limbaugh's fault
  • It's the Democrats fault
  • It's the Republicans fault
  • It's the right wingnuts fault
  • It's the liberal looneys fault
  • It's Fox News fault
  • It's George Ws fault
  • It's Nancy Pelosi's fault
  • It's Mike Savage's fault
  • It's Hollywierd's fault
  • It's George Soros' fault
  • It's Oprah Winfrey's fault
As people fight, point fingers, blame, and look for scapegoats--it gives power for the elite who are running the show. We lose our freedoms slowly and surely. Well, pretty fast now.

Keeping our freedom depends on us realizing we are all interconnected, what truly affects one affects all. We can no longer accept the fact to tax the rich or discriminate against those who do not share political opinion. Or, to tax greedy corporations.

While, it may sound good, it is truly not smart. Look beyond the emotions, the things you think you know. Look at the facts. If we tax the rich who may own businesses, franchises, manufacturers, corporations, rental properties, etc. They may employ many people. Let's say they are have more taxes added to them--do you think we all do not pay for them? It is added to the bottom line of the businesses we use.

Do you think diversions, scapegoating, telling each other it's 'their' fault is a great smokescreen?

It is interesting when conservatives get upset with policies coming from the Obama administration, people who believe in Obama get upset and ask, where were you with Bush and name Bushes transgressions. And, vice versa, the Bush bashers get it right back with Obama bashing. All the while we are being penned in more and more.

Like cattle. They go from an open range, to a large corral, to a smaller corral, to single file into the back of a cattle truck. The funnel is getting smaller and smaller--the more we fight against one another, the easier it is to take our liberties away.

Does it really matter whose fault it is? Truly? Does it matter what Bush did, what Obama did? Perhaps what really matters is what do you truly believe in.

Do you believe in the right to freedom of speech? The right to worship where you choose? To heat your home in a manner you choose? To let your children choose if they would like to serve in the military? To choose if you do volunteer work? To have a thriving economy where everyone has the opportunity to earn money for their ideas, hardwork, and tenacity?

There are states who are looking at seceding from the United States in order to keep their power. They are looking at how the glass is upside down right now. The federal government gets it money from the states. Yes, this is how OUR government gets it money--then, the Feds threaten the states to follow their rules or they will not give our states back our own money. They tell the states how they are going to spend it and assuage we should be grateful for the money we do get back from the government.

The way our Republic is set-up is the states have the power over the federal government. The states are to make their own laws--not the other way around. Have we forgotten this? Do we not remember where the government gets the money from (besides printing it).

Do we know who runs the federal reserve? They are not run by the government, the federal reserve is a private entity. The privately owned company sets the agenda, they set the policy of whether we are in recession or thriving.

How would you tear down a country? How would you turn a free society into a third world country? Do you see what is happening today?

Several ways, take control of the money first--which happened in 1913. By the Federal Reserve Act.

Take the guns away. Every country that has its guns taken away, the right to bear arms, is under a dictatorship. Every one.

Tax people, tax them on everything. This gives them the illusion (delusion) the government is your friend when you receive something. For instance, getting your money back in the form of an income tax refund--is something to be thankful for. It was your money to begin with.

When government is too big and things start costing too much, personal services are taken away. The police, teachers, firemen, libraries, public services that are paid for by our tax dollars are cut-off immediately. Not government offices, they keep going and even build more offices--which never seem to go away. What happens is the government bureaucrats get stronger, more power over us, more control.

This is not written as a doom and gloom blog. This is written to know, We the People all pretty much want the same thing, don't we? To live a good life, doing what makes our heart sing, spend time with our loved ones, know our children have a safe world around them, to read what we choose to read, write what we choose to write, speak our truths without being fearful of being torn down. There are many more things to be included here, but you get the idea.

We can take our government back and it can start at a community level. Know who is running for office--don't look at the tag--or label. Let that go--who is this person runnng for city council? What have they done in their past? Do not listen to what they say. Anyone can say anything. Look at how they have voted, who are their friends? What kind of a life are they leading? Have they led. Look at it, really look at it.

Don't depend on one news source for your information. Keep your mind open, keep your emotions in check and look at the facts. Use your vote wisely.

Another way to use your vote wisely is to look at who is running our schools. What are they teaching in school, who are we letting influence our children? Are they being force fed politics of today? If so, form a parent coalition, get the teachers out of there. Scream loudly--take your rights back.

The politicians say one thing and do another. They are no longer interested in even acting like our voice is being heard. Why are we not voting on the packages that are being passed? Why are we not voting on socialized health care? Why is it, laws we vote on that politicians don't agree with are overturned in the courts? Or, totally disregarded.

Example, the borders being secured. We didn't have the money to do it. We can't enforce illegal aliens from entering our country. Yet, there was plenty of money for bank bail outs. For GM begore it went into bankruptcy.

California is broke, yet we house over 58 percent illegal aliens. When Gov. Schwartzenegger suggested we get rid of the illegal alien prisonmates, the federal government said they would sue the governor and withhold state funding (meaning they are going to keep our money that we originally gave them).

We cannot pump oil out of the state of California. It is reported if we open up 1 percent of our oil wells the state of Califrornia will be out of debt within the first year. There will be new jobs. Prosperity. But, wouldn't that be counter productive to keep a free society?

If you believe having things like your own home, a vehicle, telephones, computers, and other things you have worked hard for are important, then, choose who you vote wisely. Choose who you listen to carefully.

It's not too late to turn the tide.


Anonymous,  August 17, 2009 at 1:39 AM  

This is so true, we need to come together. Ignore what the political fatcats tell us, ignore what the press tells us and come together ourselves. If we don't we are sunk.

Mary Hast

Anonymous,  October 30, 2009 at 6:38 PM  

Let me ask you this? Who is it that YOU CANNOT CRITICIZE?

There's only one war on this earth and that's the Jews vs. Gentiles. Until you realize that your govt. is run/controlled by Zionist Jews, you're not going to accomplish anything.

Why is it that Americans are the only people in the world who fail to understand this? Propaganda? Social Engineering?


Anonymous,  January 27, 2010 at 6:51 PM  

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Jp July 4, 2011 at 9:16 PM  

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