•Minnesota to Hold Tax Cut Rally Saturday May 2

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Minnesota and the nation need you and your neighbors to show up in force Saturday, May 2 in St. Paul so that the tax and spenders can get the message loud and clear: not one more dime."

~Sincerely, Jason Lewis, Organizer of Minnesota Tax Cut Rally

The tax rally will have food, refreshments, music, activities for children and prizes for the best signs. Also, vendor boothes, and other points of interest.

Please register ahead in order for them to gauge the turnout and to be kept in the loop of rally-related updates.

Bring the family, enjoy the day with a group of concerned citizens, and know you are standing up to preserve this great Republic.

Much more information at the Minnesota Tax Cut Rally Website.

Steve Richards who gave us the report of the Rochester Minnesota Tea Party will be attending this one and here is what he has to say:

I feel another streaming video coming on. Excited? You bet! I get off-air myself at 10am, and then, I'm heading north to St... Paul.

I'm thrilled that Pawlenty is speaking! He is truly one of the rising-stars!

Minnesota Tax Cut Rally Schedule, including Minn. Governor Tim Pawlenty to speak.

Minnesota Tax Cut Rally Contests, they have all sorts of fun things planned.
(I foresee another photo-stream on the horizon)

Have a great weekend!
-Steve, Train Wreck Radio Blog


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